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Welcome to Gabbi Music Entertainment website!

I'm very pleased for your visit. Here you can find information how I can add value to your life and what kind of services I offer. Please get to know me better and all the things I can offer.

"About" tells my story, all those things I've done this far and what I'm trying to accomplish in the future.

"News" is the place to keep up with what's happening now. There I will update things I'm working on now and let you know what's coming in future.

From the page "Modeling" you can find information my modeling career and you can also book me to model your products. I'm excited to start collaboration with you!

"Music" tells the story of me as a musician, soulful singer, professional violinist and pianist. I'm also professional violin, piano and music teacher and there you can find information how to book me as an artist or if you want to take lessons.

If you have any questions, please let me know, I'll answer you shortly.

Again you're very welcomed to visit my website! Have an awesome day!