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A day in the life of Gabbi Music is a busy one, and it can be hard to keep up with their hectic schedule. Now, you need never miss a moment with all the latest Gabbi Music news compiled in one place. From the news, daily live and new music, to reviews, interviews, and more – stay in the know with this regularly updated news section.

My story in
Canvas Rebel Magazine

Here you can read my story and encouragement to believe in yourself  ❤️


Voyage LA Interview

I had an honor to be interviewed to Voyage LA Local Stories as an entrepreneur Gabbi Music Entertainment LA in March 2024. We discussed about my story and business also big wonders of life like where to find happiness. Please click the link below to read the article:

VoyageLA Article


LLC Registered

Gabbi Music Entertainment LLC
was registered to California

Gabbi Music long time dream came true and Gabbi Music Entertainment LLC was registered in California in May 2021. It means that new amazing adventure is beginning. First time ever her is inspired to try her own wings and create something new that is her passion. Soon you'll hear more what new company is going to offer. All the support is warmly welcomed.

My article in YLLE Magazine

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 4.16.40 PM.png

Article of my journey in

YLLE Magazine

YLLE Magazine April 2021 issue

I was honored to get an article to YLLE Magazine April 2021 issue about my journey. I'm telling there few things how I ended up to chase my dreams here in beautiful Los Angeles. I'm happy if you'd like to support me and buy the digital or printed versio. You can do that by clicking the article picture.

Soon I'm adding shop where you can purchase some things for supporting me. Feel free to contact me and lots of love to you all!


Building my website

Gabbi Music is starting a business

Gabbi Music Entertainment is starting a business. Name is already registered in Finland and will be registered soon in US, California too.

My goal is to use all my experience and expertise to add value to people's lives and offer cultural and artistic experiences that make people feel good and enjoy their lives.

At the moment I'm building up my website, so I apologize all the inconvenience to you all.

Please let me know if you have any questions or inquiries.

Näyttökuva 2020-9-22 kello 9.41.12 ip..p
Näyttökuva 2020-9-22 kello 9.43.06 ip..p

Published picture

My picture was published in Beautiful and Dauntless issue 42 in May 2020. Model @gabbi_model @gabbi_music and the photographer Denise James @denj1219

IMG_4254RB kopio.jpg

My Interview


June 27th 2020


Please enjoy my interview in BFROW fashion, beauty and lifestyle publication

Gabbi Music 2.JPG

Gabbi Music Interview in Voyage LA

October 9th, 2019

Voyage LA tells local stories. Here is interview of Gabbi Music that tells things behind the cover. Please enjoy!


Articles in many publications

June 2018 till present

Gabbi Music has had interviews and articles
for example these publications:

World News 2018

Supastars 2018

Hot Noize Radio 2018

Essentially Pop 2018

MTV Rock 2018

She Inspired Her 2019

Voyage LA 2019

Super Star Central 2020

Modeling shootings 💎❤️ #model #modeling

What's up now in spring 2019

May 27th, 2019

So proud to present my new website! Life here in Los Angeles is busy but so awesome. Every day I find something new and interesting. Please enjoy my journey here in the city of dreams! Stay tuned and please follow me in my other social media channels. You can find links up of this website. Please contact, if you're interested to know more. Love you all! ❤️

So much loving these views here 🌴☀️❤️💎

Music business studies in UCLA

May 27th, 2019

Finnish highly educated woman in Los Angeles. My dreams came true in April when I started my Music Business studies in UCLA Extensions program. So interesting close up information about music industry in the heart of musical capital of the world. New wonderful experiences and exciting connections. Stay tuned in my social media channels for more information!

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